How to Men’s Fashion

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For whatever reason no one takes to reading any of the bullshit I spew; So in lieu of more nonsensical regurgitated cynicism I shall present you with an image. You may Like or Dislike my take on fashion.

Yet, you can never fault me for looking better than you.


It Fits, It Matches; Throw some Accessories on it. Fuck the haters. – Be Famous


All of what is seen can be found below within the list. Enjoy.

[CX] War Fan (Gold)  – Creators Collection Box
[NC] – ULTRARARE – SH Set – Top & Belt/Kilt S – FGC
:Enigma: Ragnar Kilt Black – Enigma Mainstore (OrUnobtainable)
[The Forge] Rogue Leg Guards, Black (Forge Gacha Mainstore)
Equinox#Paru [Box] 2.02   (Equinox Weapons)
Equinox#Moros [Box] 2.02 (Equinox Weapons)
3.::GB::Feather Chain Necklace / Black – GABRIEL
11.::GB::Leather Wind Bracelet / Black – GABRIEL
9.::GB::Ringnecklace / black – GABRIEL
Equinox#Serpentine Bow [Box] 1.65 (Equinox Weapons)
PFC~General (box/wear) – Pucca Firecaster Creations
[The Forge] Hound Pauldrons, Worn Black (Box)
[The Forge] Rogue Leg Guards, Black
::EQ:: Wolfy Leg Warmers White (Equinox Weapons)
Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat – Slink Mainstore
Tableau Vivant \\ August – #TMP face applier – Tone 7 – Tableau Vivant Mainstore




Kei’s Pirate Booty! Fantasy Gacha Carnival Preview!

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So, being Valor, I went looking for this Kei and her notorious booty. I hopped a ship in port kar and headed up the vosk to some city where I happened to hear a rumor. The rumor was discontenting; She didn’t exist.

So, I thought, what the hell is the point of having a booty if you don’t exist. That is when my slave told me in kind words that I was a moron and that ‘Booty’ apparently means treasure in some fucking world. I don’t get it, but I’ll go with it.

So, I then went to the merchants and they said, ‘ Oh yeah, that stuffs over there next to the tavern’ and I was like ‘ tal, cool’ so I went to the tavern and lo and behold I found some pretty wicked ass stuff.  Could only take a couple pictures due to the sun setting… But what the hell, It was a good adventure..

Items Featured!

Kei’s Pirate Dock Table
Kei’s Pirate Table Decor
Kei’s Pirate Keg Table
Kei’s Pirate Crow’s Nest Hammock (RARE)
Kei’s Pirate Boat Bench ( Ultra-Rare)

Second picture is Meh… But, hey, the sun was out(Even though I said it was setting, go with it.)


Myspace angle in effect.

((Minor nudity warning for you tight-asses))

It was Bright out... REEEEALY BRIGHT

It was Bright out… REEEEALY BRIGHT

ATI RIGGED MESH FIXED: AMD Catalyst™ 15.3 Beta Driver for Windows®


So those of you who updated to the 4.12 driver and have a “Newer” (AMD) ATI GPU/APU should have noticed that you can and will not see rigged mesh in any form. Only Mesh you fit yourself will be rendered and quite frankly this was a game stopper for me and my blogging on firestorm. But….

FINALLY, I give you

TUTORIAL : NO MORE LAG- The beautiful world of ONLIVE!

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  1.  Head on over to Onlive and you will get a page that looks something like this
    ONlive SLGO

    ONlive SLGO

    At the bottom right you will see that they are offering free 7 day trials. All you will need is to create an account and put in some payment info. It charges you nothing and if you cancel it within 7 days, you get billed nothing. (I wont be canceling.)

  2. Click create new account if you haven’t already. Alternatively This will take you directly to the 7 day free trial and the account creation page. It looks like

    THe SIgnup page

    THe SIgnup page

  3. The next page is self explanatory. You are given the option of paying with a major debit card or credit card or using your paypal. I used my paypal, it simply created a payment agreement to be charged 7 days later, cancel able at any time.

From here all you have to do is download the ONlive client to your desktop, double click it and select between the Second Life browser or the newly available Firestorm browser . Why go through all the trouble you might ask; what’s in it for me? Well for me personally, nothing, I’m so thrilled with this service that I wanted to share it and get a few extra hits today. Any person who ever lags in any way shape or form due to graphical or hardware incompetence you have found your fix. Basically if you can watch an HD show on your laptop you can play Second Life as well, Ultra graphics and still pull 50 FPS.

The Viewer selection screen

The Viewer selection screen

So for those of you who were thinking of investing in a 400 dollar video card or buying a new rig, give this a try first and see what you think. I’ve been unable to notice any latency increase or input delay even though it’s a streaming service. All I can say is Wow.

Here’s your mandatory picture.

Send a notecard to Valor Childs if you have any questions.

Send a notecard to Valor Childs if you have any questions.

Please let get some feedback if you think something is unclear. Just send me a note card and toss a follow for more fashion and random things to come.

The Assassin Returns

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It’s been a while since I’ve put up anything of myself or explained some of my random adventures through Gor. Lets start with the dark side….

"Let them hate so long as they fear."

“Let them hate so long as they fear.”

Pay attention to the detail on the neck piece and the helmet and how it perfectly matches with the older “Gorged Pauldrons” from The Forge. The Helmet is an ULTRA RARE from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The neck guard is a Rare from Fantasy Gacha Carnival as well. Now for the flag, which is a custom work done by ..APHOTIC.. who is a pretty cool dude studying computer engineering down near where I live.

For those of you who hate dark pictures… Here you go!

"I do not hide in shadows."

“I do not hide in shadows.”

Now, the outfit comes from THE FALLEN Which is owned and operated by Triad, a great man, and a great assassin.(He’s usually really drunk though.) NOTE: The bracers are a Rare from the gacha machines at the FORGE/EZ location. I’ll throw some links below to set you guys up.

Armor(Fitted Mesh)The Fallen -Black Centurion-

[The Forge] Gorged Pauldron – Black 

[The Forge] Rogue Leg Guards, Black

[The Forge] Viking Bracers, (Black/Gold) RARE Box -BBOX

[The Forge] Rogue Neck Guard, Black, Rare  (FGC Closed)

[The Forge] Rogue Helmet, Black, Ultra Rare (FGC Closed)

.Aphotic. 2 Rogue’s Head Fina  (UltraRare)  (Custom) (FGC Closed)

Avatar(Including head,hands,body and feet.) #TheMeshProject

Enjoy, The Fashionable Assassin has spoken.

Mrs. Raven

Fashion, Gorean, Meshedup, Plastiq, Secondlife, The Forge

Sometimes I just take pictures of friends. Raven here happens to be a good one and I felt like throwing a picture of her out there.

Chery Blossums

Not my best work. It was rushed.

Head Dress: . a i s l i n g . Faranth Crown ULTRARARRE EPIC

Dress: [V/W] Coming Fall Sage

Runes: RPGear/ Rune Necklace/Strength /F
RPGear/Rune Necklace/Journey /M

Peace, I’ll have a forge piece coming soon.

:[P]:!:[P]::[P]: – Meshed up – Sometimes putting woman things on a man can be hard…

Equinox, Fashion, Gorean, Meshedup, Plastiq, Secondlife, The Forge

I just so happen to be good at that sort of thing. Anyways; I’m not quite “great” at putting links into the items worn, but I am going to update this later with the links. I will however list the items worn..

So first I took a closeup

CLoseup Horns

:[P]:-Lahkshana Jeweled Horns EPIC
:[P]:-Lahkshana Ribbon ULTRARARE
:[P]:-Lahkshana Earrings ULTRARARE
*[MeshedUp]*_Neck Gray COMMON
*[MeshedUp]*_Spears Shell Gray ULTRA

THESKINSHOP (EYECOLOR) ‘Reflect’ (Illuminated)
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) – Anime (Deluxe)
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) *UPDATE*
[Deadwool] Eskimo coat – black
[S] Zafaer Pants in Black

Then I went for the Appeal of setting and tried to grasp what a person of such dress would be experiencing…


Life is meshed up…

Fashion, Gorean, Meshedup, Secondlife, The Forge

So I’ll start by saying that their wont be many words in this post. I’d like to remark on the custom work I’ve done on many of these items to give them the Finian logo.


I’ve received the “Remove the helmet!” comment more times than I can remember.. So, alas I removed it.


What I’m wearing

..::ILLI::.. Phoenix Sandals- deluxe
*[MeshedUp]*_Spears Shell Gray ULTRA
Rochambeau Medieval Pants Red
[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest, Male, Gold 

PFC~Hoplite Cape

PFC~Gladius 5.0
PFC~Knight Shield 1.1
[The Forge] Daerwen Armour, Male (Gold) Box
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) *UPDATE*
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) – Anime (Deluxe)
[The Forge] Iron Clad Black and Gold

Who ever said beauty was cheap was a fool..

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife

So, walking about the carnival with my select few persons I so happened upon the Forge machine and began to dump what I can only assume to be 10ks of thousands of lindens into it. No sweat, Deccan takes care of me so cheers mate, I just bought you a nights out on the town.

First picture is of a beautiful friend of mine by the name of Miss. Charisma.


For some reason I’m not all to pleased with how that picture came out. Not sure why. So I took another one, Closer up. Here you go.

Much better

Much better

All of the items seen are available Via forge store at the limited section on the left of at the fantasy gacha carnival Stall with the big forge logo on top. The hair is from truth, you can find it easily if you aren’t lazy.

Once again Deccan kicks some ass. Way to go Forge/Ez

[EZ] Dullahan’s Axe -novo3 -A Gorean Redneck’s tale – EZ Weaponry

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife

4AM, the coffee is already cold, the wife is bitching about children I couldn’t give her and a college fund that Roonie, my bookie had just lost on a duck fighting competition. The trailer smells of that nasty type of sex, the kind where you just fucking go at it ontop of last nights leftovers and still heat them up in a microwave that you haven’t cleaned since the person you stole the trailer from bought it.. You move to the Set, a 1999 23 inch  Zenith, complete with a remote. You get lost in a girls gone wild series of rerunning commercials wishing that your wife was like your truck and eligible for trade in when all of a sudden a flash appears on your ancient potato of a TV set. A robotic looking Gorean man with a giant fucking ax stands before you; in the TV.

Do not adjust your television sets,.

Do not adjust your television sets,.

You wonder who this badass is, where you can become one and then it appears.. “EZ Weapons, a Forge Company.” You recall one of those locations being opened down the road next to the three different Walmart’s and 5 seedy gas stations selling drug paraphernalia shaped Popsicles to minors. You take your fat ass out the door and mount your thalarion, realizing the cost of thalarion food and the GS system was totally fucked and it was all the President of Ar’s fault. You bitch all the way to the stores, lagging like crazy, recounting how Gor fucking sucks and how it used to be awesome. You open your wallet and take a gander at a beautiful picture of you and your wife, prim hair and all..

Blah blah blah.. You get the Gist, I just had to explain why that picture up there looked like it came from a television set. Here’s what you see when you park your handicapped thalarion in a firezone and enter EZ weaponry. The most badass axe on the face of the planet.



Deccan does it again, providing a quality weapon at affordable prices and no one can say a thing other than my pictures sometime suck and the stories are fucking insane. Ez weapons have been a leader in the weapons industry for Year(s) and with their Novo3system you can only expect the greatest weapons on the market.

Oh, Here’s some Ass for those of you into sexy man chowder; You also get to see how the weapon sheaths, lucky you.

"All about that Bass"

“All about that Bass”

Enjoy and until next time