They Shout Treason! I Laugh.

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THESE ARE THE DNC EMAILS in searchable format.


Soon and quite soon the release of the scandalous Hillary Emails will strike the news uncensored by the mainstream agenda. Queue Trump giving an open invitation to RU Kremlin Computer Gurus to the tune of Democrats crying “Treason Treason, Shame, shame.” Cries which land upon the angry ears of those feeling the Bernie burn who have ran out of available F*cks to give.


Democratic or Republican!


It is without matter who you represent! A man is robbed in 13 states and then endorses the thief collaborator in chief. Politicians and liars are synonymous over any great  length of time and we can all agree that Hillary is quite a great politician.  Now, Trump isn’t the best either but he stands against the Agenda 21 UN Global Order which undeniably is out to steal your rights and consume your whines until they are floating into the skies upon an airbag of your forsaken dreams!


We have Russia warning of WW3, pleading with Global Media to report upon the weapons encroaching immediately upon their border. 5 Minutes mean the difference between Russia and no Russia if the big red button gets pressed! This is not okay. We can not allow ourselves to murder and destroy for no good reason. We are all born with unalienable rights and when a government stands to remove those rights we must take notice. We can not allow apathy and misdirection through pass times to determine the level of dedication which we care to put forth for generations to come!


We do not have time for ignorance. Educate yourself. Learn what is truth rather than waiting for it upon digital spoon.


God help us all.

The Secret Affair…

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Alright, folks…

So, The Secret Affair is around the corner (tomorrow) and I’ve received a great number of goodies. Unfortunately, the larger majority of these ‘goodies’ are femme and unable to fit the current manliness my avatar embodies. So, out of those few items I was able to cover I decided to take the unique artistic work of Abstract Soul. Taking from the creator themselves we have the following information.

The TSA July 2016 items are:

[-AS-] Summer’s Flower
[-AS-] Loveleaf
[-AS-] Akuafleur.

I’ll be selling them for L$200 each or L$500 for the Fatpack.

My Gacha items are:


[-AS-] Cresting Convergence
[-AS-] Balanced Flow
[-AS-] Atomic Inception


[-AS-] Blossoming Symmetry
[-AS-] Quantized Convergence

Ultra Rare:

[-AS-] Quantatree

My Gacha items will be sold at L$50 a chance.

So, what exactly are these items?


Well, there you have it.. Well, a portion of it. What we have is a form of art that utilizes the capabilities of mesh to forecast and project light from it’s actively visible shape as it travels from the beginning to the end of its ‘circuitry.’


So as you can see (Hopefully), the light is now further upon the course of the mesh and has further created the shadow behind it. It’s now become an energy attack taken straight from the palms of your favorite constipated anime character.(This is a good thing!)


Adding that these pictures have ZERO, NADA, NULL post editing on them; These are straight from the confines of Firestorm. So, getting back on topic. You can see  that it’s lost the tail portion and moved further on what is best described as a helix which cascades along the course of the mesh. This is the Ultra Rare Gacha and I think it’s pretty damn unique as far as new additions to second life come. I’ve not seen much work in the artistic field using light and animation until recently. Sure, some existed in the past but I’d fight you to say that it wasn’t to this level of awesomeness.

Also, I’ll take a second to express deep concern for the state and direction of the planet. Express my deep condolences to everyone who has been a victim of terrorism in any fashion, foreign or Domestic. 

EDIT: (It’s not all mesh, or even mesh. I just like that word. The creator admits that it’s prim torture. I like that word. Either way, it’s’ still fricken cool.)


Signing out….. For now…


Stand for Freedom. NEVER accept terrorism as the consequence!