The Flame of Submission


“And you have already begun to sense in yourself the beginnings of slave fires,” I said.
She looked up at me, and then put her head down, quickly. She clenched her small fists.
“Speak,” I said. “Have they not already begun to burn in your belly?”
“Yes, Master!” she sobbed.
“Good,” I said.
She put down her head, sobbing.
How helpless one must feel at times, I thought, as a female slave.
But such admissions are good for the development of their character, and their discipline. Too, they are very helpful and beneficial for the slave.
They help them to understand who and what they are, and who is master.
Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Page 316



…Oh so bright.


Erratic scarlet panties, harness, and bra (gold)

Kibitz Freyja Collar (gold)

Kibitz Gin Headress (gold)

Aisling Aspasia Arms (gold)

Aisling Aspasia Earrings (gold)

Truth Hair Lyric (1 side)