Much like the Pani, the force using population only relinquishes their glowing sword of death, upon death, unwillingly. So I all stealth like, went about and completely owned about 40 assorted force users before finding this nifty saber of light. Okay, that is bullshit and makes about as much sense as pulling a handle 40 times to get a sword. Now the blade fucking owns regardless of it’s rarely but anything of Rare and Ultra-rare (There is one of each) has a color-change hud to remove the need for anything else. (Aside from the design base itself.)


This is the most deadly thing ever created by God. Assassin with a lightsaber… The helm just makes it obscene.

FGC new logo

Alright… Lets do this!

Ticket, the wrong ticket. I would find right ticket but this Assassin has had the boys in blue and their furry friends walking around the complex all day. Do I have anything to worry about? Not that I know of. Yet, You can’t take anything for granted these days…


I am a sad ninja with a lightsaber.. I’m now considerably more attractive. I also overwrote all of my photos So I will need to retake them.

I’ll update this when I do






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