Who ever said beauty was cheap was a fool..

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife

So, walking about the carnival with my select few persons I so happened upon the Forge machine and began to dump what I can only assume to be 10ks of thousands of lindens into it. No sweat, Deccan takes care of me so cheers mate, I just bought you a nights out on the town.

First picture is of a beautiful friend of mine by the name of Miss. Charisma.


For some reason I’m not all to pleased with how that picture came out. Not sure why. So I took another one, Closer up. Here you go.

Much better

Much better

All of the items seen are available Via forge store at the limited section on the left of at the fantasy gacha carnival Stall with the big forge logo on top. The hair is from truth, you can find it easily if you aren’t lazy.

Once again Deccan kicks some ass. Way to go Forge/Ez


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