*APHORISM*/On a Lark C: – Finian Warrior gains an asset! Fantasy Gacha Carnival <3 FORGE<3


It was a cold day in Fina when the men raided and destroyed all that we had. They were brutal men, of the north and with them came the kur. Assholes, I tell ye. I escaped with one brother by the name of Synbios.

On the way out I noticed a wounded woman and being the gentleman I have always been I took to seeing to her safety. So we were just walking the fuck knows wherever and we run into a giant circle of tents and shit. Synbios says… Don’t go, they put stuff in your ass. I turned with reservation and say, maybe, but we need food. I walked forward with honor to find the fantasy gacha carnival, and I left with my ass intact and the woman beautiful and in Tow.

Our butts remain secure and intact.

Our butts remain secure and intact.

*APHORISM* does it again with a beautiful line of woman’s dresses which come with an overcoat if you happen to hit the lucky play. I must say that the work is amazing and as always, badass.

The Forge: Needs no introduction. Quality products, Amazing detail. Also an easy way to spent 10 thousand lindens and not get your Ultra rare. Whatever, shit happens. However in this case we were able to score a few items to accent the woman’s attire.

About the Finian.. He’s just a fucking weirdo.

[The Forge] Gorged Pauldron – Gold (Box)
[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest, Male, Gold (Box)
.Aphotic. 2 Rogue’s Banner Bodies (UltraRare)
[Takeo] The Ninja *Rare* -Hair Pin Set
::TI:: Iron Fist – Bronze (unpacked)
*OAL*/*SP*RPGear0 War Horn Sheath – Ultra -::
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) *UPDATE*
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) *UPDATE*

The Female was bangin:

!APHORISM! Inanna Coat – Peacock – M,L [RARE]
!APHORISM! Inanna Dress – Vine – Rose – M
[The Forge] Face Chain, Gold -CBOX
[The Forge] Chain Panties, Silver -CBOX
[The Forge] Anastasia Body Chain, Silver -BBOX
.Keystone. Malukah – Headpiece – Silver – RARE
[Takeo] Purple *Common* – Hair Pin Set


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