[EZ] Dullahan’s Axe -novo3 -A Gorean Redneck’s tale – EZ Weaponry

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife

4AM, the coffee is already cold, the wife is bitching about children I couldn’t give her and a college fund that Roonie, my bookie had just lost on a duck fighting competition. The trailer smells of that nasty type of sex, the kind where you just fucking go at it ontop of last nights leftovers and still heat them up in a microwave that you haven’t cleaned since the person you stole the trailer from bought it.. You move to the Set, a 1999 23 inch  Zenith, complete with a remote. You get lost in a girls gone wild series of rerunning commercials wishing that your wife was like your truck and eligible for trade in when all of a sudden a flash appears on your ancient potato of a TV set. A robotic looking Gorean man with a giant fucking ax stands before you; in the TV.

Do not adjust your television sets,.

Do not adjust your television sets,.

You wonder who this badass is, where you can become one and then it appears.. “EZ Weapons, a Forge Company.” You recall one of those locations being opened down the road next to the three different Walmart’s and 5 seedy gas stations selling drug paraphernalia shaped Popsicles to minors. You take your fat ass out the door and mount your thalarion, realizing the cost of thalarion food and the GS system was totally fucked and it was all the President of Ar’s fault. You bitch all the way to the stores, lagging like crazy, recounting how Gor fucking sucks and how it used to be awesome. You open your wallet and take a gander at a beautiful picture of you and your wife, prim hair and all..

Blah blah blah.. You get the Gist, I just had to explain why that picture up there looked like it came from a television set. Here’s what you see when you park your handicapped thalarion in a firezone and enter EZ weaponry. The most badass axe on the face of the planet.



Deccan does it again, providing a quality weapon at affordable prices and no one can say a thing other than my pictures sometime suck and the stories are fucking insane. Ez weapons have been a leader in the weapons industry for Year(s) and with their Novo3system you can only expect the greatest weapons on the market.

Oh, Here’s some Ass for those of you into sexy man chowder; You also get to see how the weapon sheaths, lucky you.

"All about that Bass"

“All about that Bass”

Enjoy and until next time



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