=1= Beauty of the Week-…… Karrimah

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife
Perfection through synergy.

Perfection through synergy.

I’ve been asked to do a “Freewoman of the week” post by my female followers. For whatever reason the general consensus is that freewoman may only partake. 

I have decided to extend a warm “Fuck you” to the segregated notion and start this shindig off with a woman who happens to roleplay a slave. In my most recent travels I have come across this bundle of energy and found her to be quite pleasant at moderated doses. Much like a drug, she is intoxicating and sweet with a wit which has no end. 


Fashion wise I consider her to be a prime figure in the event scene and likely the primary go-to on gacha related questions.

Aside from all that, Forge continues to stand out with marvelous product releases and an almost supernatural ability to predict the trend. 


Model: Karrimah

Fans – [BP] War Fans Black Rare – FGC
Dress – Baiastice_Calypso Dress-Black – Collaber88
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Lagertha
Head – [Keystone] Desire – Gold / Onyx

Upper Arms – [The Forge] Aphrodite’s Bracelet Gold (Old Gacha In Store)
Collar – [The Forge] Chain Collar, (Gold) – FGC
Chest – [The Forge] Eloise Chest Armour, Gold – FGC
Wrists – [The Forge] Filigree Bracer (Gold) – FGC

Shoes – Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals
Bow – [EZ] Antler Bow


Looking for links?  Most of these are now expired but you may get lucky searching previous posts. 


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