It leads to the secret affair…

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We're heading north boy's.

We’re heading north boys


…When it rains, it pours.

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife
"Step by step"

“Step by step”

Surely does. This outfit stylizes the greatest and best from designers across SL to provide the most perfect fitting avatar I’ve managed to create over an entirely mesh body and head.


















Hair – Rowne.Asta – Achromatic– 2014 Hairfair -Unobtainable(Maybe..Check Shop)

Kilt – Legal Insanity – Connor kilt  herringbone black

MeshBody/Head – ___Signature Mesh Avatar___ Anthony LITE

Eyes – [theSkinnery] Obscurity eyes – 19 RARE GACHA

Shoulders – [The Forge] Gorged Pauldron – Black 

Shirt – <kal rau> Polo Shirt Dark    (tmd)

Pose – Katink-PNP-Stella09

Bracers –  PFC~Aphrodite bracer GACHA 

Greaves – PFC~Hercules greave GACHA

Harness – [The Forge] Beserk Chest Harness, Black 

Cloak – Peqe – Big Cape_Black (RARE) 

=1= Beauty of the Week-…… Karrimah

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife
Perfection through synergy.

Perfection through synergy.

I’ve been asked to do a “Freewoman of the week” post by my female followers. For whatever reason the general consensus is that freewoman may only partake. 

I have decided to extend a warm “Fuck you” to the segregated notion and start this shindig off with a woman who happens to roleplay a slave. In my most recent travels I have come across this bundle of energy and found her to be quite pleasant at moderated doses. Much like a drug, she is intoxicating and sweet with a wit which has no end. 


Fashion wise I consider her to be a prime figure in the event scene and likely the primary go-to on gacha related questions.

Aside from all that, Forge continues to stand out with marvelous product releases and an almost supernatural ability to predict the trend. 


Model: Karrimah

Fans – [BP] War Fans Black Rare – FGC
Dress – Baiastice_Calypso Dress-Black – Collaber88
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Lagertha
Head – [Keystone] Desire – Gold / Onyx

Upper Arms – [The Forge] Aphrodite’s Bracelet Gold (Old Gacha In Store)
Collar – [The Forge] Chain Collar, (Gold) – FGC
Chest – [The Forge] Eloise Chest Armour, Gold – FGC
Wrists – [The Forge] Filigree Bracer (Gold) – FGC

Shoes – Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals
Bow – [EZ] Antler Bow


Looking for links?  Most of these are now expired but you may get lucky searching previous posts. 

This do in remembrance of Him.


Remember Colton

Honor is a word that is best whispered and aught never be spoken; Should it’s integrity be taken as granted by those so willing to throw the word as if it were a pitch off the tongue.

Words can not describe the loss that the Black Caste has taken with the passing of our Brethren Dru. An Assassin for 15+ years who humbled himself before us and became a legend and leader in his own right. 

 Colton -Alexzander- Dark (khampoh); Would be the name given upon a headstone if there were headstones in Gor. However to us he will always be Killer. Master Killer. A Master Assassin of the Black Caste. The most honorable of us all.