…She Xanimated me when I was broken

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife
"Tal, I am a traveling skull merchant."

“Tal, I am a traveling skull merchant.”

Xanimations is a front runner in the roleplay animations market. Established in late 2009, Xanimations is owned and operated by XanXan Jervil, a bad-ass MonkeyNinja who is likely half way complete on her way to world domination. Utilizing dark texturing, grungy attitudes and powerful visions she has managed to corner her end of the mesh market with her two latest releases.



The brilliantly crafted work of art resting upon my brow was taken from that pansy ass protagonist in skyrim. He tried to retain his textural masterpiece but in the end only ended up with a fus-ro-asswhoopin. I made my way back to gor swiftly, without delay to find Flemeth the witch of the wilds chilling in my tented compound. I promptly shape-shifted her into a turkey and fucked her brains out. I stole her staff as proof.

"The level of detail is astounding to say the least."

“The level of detail is astounding to say the least.”

Xanimations:(SH): Dragonborn Mask – BlackWhite @ The Fantasy Collective

Xanimations:(SH): Roots of the Bayou – Staff @ The Fantasy Collection

C L A Vv. Fringed Knitted Cape Black @ Clavv

C L A Vv. Urban Jester Beanie @ Clavv

[S] Zafaer Pants in Black @ Stitched



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