Equinox, It’s coming for you.

Fashion, Gorean, Secondlife
"The ho's dance all up on me."

“She just started a’ dancin away.”

It was just today that I arose from my furs, spat out a large stream of congealed blood and decided to throw upon my favorite tunic I had pilfered just the night before. Leaving the house I kicked the woman who was passed out by the door, likely the recently widowed wife of the late man who owned the house I fell asleep in. She liked my tunic as much as I did, if not more, as witnessed in the photo above. I stepped off guilty and saddened for having murdered such a talented artist. I felt the least I could do was offer him a blog spot and bang his wife in passing.


"It brings all the thralls to the yard."

“It brings all the thralls to the yard.”

Titan Footman, a name that is making stirs in the fantasy fashion circuit by way of blunt force trauma right to the eyes. His style of work is so bold and beautifully portrayed that it’s nearly impossible to avoid headbutting your monitor as someone strolls by in one of his pieces. The woman above, dressed entirely in one of his ensembles could not resist to rub her butt upon my brilliantly dressed self. It goes without saying that Equinox, Titan’s brand name, is a name that you should look out for in the future.’


Female Model:Ursula Northman

::EQ:: Sleeves Garnet/Black [Female]
::EQ:: Wolfy Leg Warmers Red
Equinox Electra Garnet
[LeLutka]-NEW hair/Naturals
LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar – Amber (Default) [entire head/ skin]
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant

Pose: [ Quixotica ]



Male Model:Valor Childs

::EQ:: Moros Helmet (Rare) Black/Black
::EQ:: Wolfy Leg Warmers White
::EQ:: Wolfy Leg Warmers White
[The Forge] Iron Clad Black
Evian – Elia Head – Close Mouth – Molten Mesh
Evian – Elia Medium Skin








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