Do’s and Don’ts from the eyes of an Assassin.


Greetings and Talutations my fellow fashionable friends and welcome to another jaunt through madness with I, Valor, the Fashionable Assassin.

I am obligated through some sense of righteous fury to impart upon you a warning of dire importance and if not heeded, certain consequence. I call them MegaHippoProportionoutapuses and you should just call them NO!

"Three (one obscured by atrocious hair) creatures caught in their natural habitat"

“Three (one obscured by atrocious hair) creatures caught in their natural habitat”

Taken @ District5


We very narrowly made our escape(Captured below in recently recovered footage of the event) as I slammed the teleport button hoping for my latency to agree saying a prayer to the Linden Gods all the while. It is good to note that I picked up this stunning hair by Tableau Vivant.

"Our escape was made."

“Our escape was made.”


However I did promise you a “Do” somewhere in here and I will live up to my word. Notice upon our noses, these fashionable strips of fabric seem to be all the rage with Gorean no-good-doers it would seem. I would like to say that I started this craze, however, I’m certainly self inflated.




Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series – Reita – Winter:@ District5

Male Noseband: =Kio= Destiny : @ FGC

Female Noseband: {Rebel~ coal} facebrand.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations: @  District5

Weapon: [EZ] Odin’s Hammer -novo2.03 (Black): @ [The Forge] & EZ Weaponry




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