Rule number one…

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Welcome, My partners in this hellish world we do suffer, to the mind of an Assassin.

It's time for class.

Viking House Rare – bananaN – Fantasy Gacha Carnival

I, Valor, have taken it upon myself to enlighten you, with or without your consent. I’ll be sharing with you my fabulous artistry as I prance with fingers upon keyboard into your hearts.

Let us now take our seats for this brief lesson,pay attention and remember the first rule which I now share with you.

“Let form follow function.”

That’s it for today, I’m afraid. Today’s lesson will play deeply into the lessons to follow.

Ruined Viking Tower-bananaN- Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Skin: Samurai HQ

Mesh Head: Egoisme

Tunic: ::EQ:: Moros Tunic Black : Equinox

Pauldrons,Bracers,Belt,Greaves: [The Forge] Iron Clad Black: FORGE

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair – (male fit) – Equinox : We ❤ Roleplay

Facestrap: =Kio= Abandoned – Oriental Destiny : Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Weapon: LR BladeRunner Combo [polearm-AF] Draw 2.03 : LR Weapons


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